Detailed Information on Background:

     I was born the youngest of three children on January 29, 1964, in Woodbury, New Jersey. Born to a family of educators, I have been bred on the ethic of continually improving my knowledge and skills. I developed an early interest in art, music, and literature and performed well in my years of secondary education. Nearing high school graduation I opted for a military career with an interest stemming from the promise of independence, adventure, and financial support for higher education.

     In the military I enjoyed extensive travel opportunities and cultural enrichment.  As a US Marine I enjoyed tours in California and Hawaii both of which peaked my interests in the world beyond my birthplace.  Upon completing my tour with the Marines I initiated enrollment for undergraduate studies then realized that my interest in adventure had not been satisfied.  I enlisted in the US Army with a direct assignment to Germany and the plan to complete my schooling on nights and weekends while seeing the world. 

     Now married with one child, I experienced a successful and fulfilling career in the military. Serving as a military musician, I was uniquely fortunate to travel extensively throughout the United States and Europe both living and working with a broad variety of people and cultures.  Currently retired from the service and employ with the Department of the Army,  I have completed my Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Management, and a certificate in Database Management.  I am pursuing my Master's Degree in Management Information Systems while studying  for a variety of professional IT certifications.

More Information Concerning Travels and Cultural Experience

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