Detailed Information on Management Skills:

My management and leadership skills are based on sound, real-world knowledge of individuals and their motivations.  In the service, I was responsible for general military leadership, assigned as the popular music group leader, the director of plans and scheduling, and the deputy chief of plans, operations, and training.

General Military Leadership

My former position required me to supervise, mentor and evaluate over 25 employees.  I produced evaluation reports for those in leadership positions directly subordinate to me and assigned them, as supervisors and evaluators for the more junior employees.

Group Leader, Popular Music

I led a seven person popular music group.  In addition to the artistic requirements of such a group -- lighting, sound, staging, repertoire, etc. --  I also supervised, mentored and motivated the group members to execute profession quality performances.  Additionally,  I set the vision and goals, and determined the budgetary requirements needed to support the group's mission.  I led the group on extensive tours throughout Europe including numerous trips into hazardous duty areas.

Director of Plans and Scheduling.

As Director of Plans & Scheduling I was responsible for reviewing support requests from diverse agencies including military commands, State Department agencies, and high government officials of numerous countries.  I compared requests to our organizations abilities to ensured our support was feasible, justified, and legal..  I made recommendations that considered of our organization's schedule, supported our prospective customers, and were ultimately executable.  Finally, I presented my recommendations effectively using oral, written, and multimedia techniques.

Deputy Chief of Plans, Operations and Training

As Deputy Chief of Plans, Operations and  Training  I, in addition to my primary responsibilities in the planning section, oversaw the coordination of impending missions, supervised the development and execution of training events, and ensured individual and organizational training requirements were met, fulfilling the duties of  my immediate supervisor in her absence.


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